How To Say ‘No’ At Work (Infographic)

How To Say ‘No’ At Work (Infographic)


Whether you’re trying to impress your boss or you fear you’ll let someone down, saying “no” at work can be hard. But it shouldn’t be.

Too often, people burn themselves out by agreeing to take on more tasks than they can handle. However, overloading yourself with work can reduce the quality of what you produce. If you’re too busy, you may also miss deadlines. In those cases, the person you’re working for likely would have preferred that you had just said “no” from the start.

Don’t feel bad or guilty about saying this two-letter word. If you want to build a great career, you’ve got to get used to it. There are plenty of perfectly good reasons to say no to someone – it’s just a matter of how you say it.

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Check out Business Backer’s infographic below to learn how.


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