7 Tips To Walking The Talk As A Leader

7 Tips To Walking The Talk As A Leader



Have you ever wondered what it is like to be “that” leader…you know, “that” leader who just gets it! Or at very least seems like they get it.

“That” leader who is a blend of all the “right” stuff…a blend of values and energy, a leader who can give rule with reason – giving the why behind the what.

“That” leader who is part human part hero…hero in a good way. A hero for people and a hero simply because “that” leader is the one who is prepared to lead.

Lead without title or rank but lead with conviction…ever wondered what it takes to be “that” leader? “That” leader who can take the team, organisation or business to their next level…

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I recently had a conversation with “That” leader, here are a few great leadership thoughts I was given during the conversation that I would like to share with you. I’d suggest that you take what resonates with you, these leadership thoughts are simple to apply and multiply and can produce some great outcomes!

1. Become someone better

“Remember to always build culture and maintain momentum and energy of yourself and your team. Keep the lines of communication open and include listening, listen to understand…don’t just listen to answer. The team needs someone to take the lead. Keep driving the values and vision. Leadership is making something better for someone so they can end up somewhere better and become someone better”.

2. Business has more than one bottom line

“Keep developing yourself, because your leadership ceiling will be their growth ceiling – the better you are at leading, the more they grow as people and the better the organisation does. Business is always about profit, but never forget that business also has more than one bottom line – people matter”.


3. Lead first manage second

“You lead for people and not for yourself. Leadership is not about glory, it’s about victory So lead first and manage second….and when you do have to manage always manage to motivate – get people moving up. Leaders should always fire people up so Managers don’t have to fire them out.”

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4. It’s about your values

“Celebrate each victory, no matter how small or how big it is, keep winning because victories don’t happen by accident. When things get tough, and they will, that is when your character will be tested, like a sponge it is only under pressure that we see what is inside of us. Your values are what brought you here and it is your values that will keep you here”.

5. Make better mistakes next time

“Consider that for every obstacle, it could be an opportunity at the same time, an opportunity to do things different and better, an opportunity to let someone on your team win. We don’t always win, but we always learn, if we are open to it…so don’t be afraid to fail…fail and fail fast, fail forward – learn from your mistakes and make better ones’ next time”.

6. Yesterday doesn’t mean tomorrow

“Never judge yourself against past leadership, or current partnerships, yesterday’s you is your biggest competition, so just be 1% better today than you were yesterday – by the end of a year you would have developed 365%”

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7. There is much more than success

“Never try for perfection, it’s an unrealistic goal that always moves, you will become frustrated and give up, rather go for excellence – that is when you take what you have and make it great! Oh, and one last thing, success is measured against ourselves and others, but significance is measured against eternity – be significant.”

Wes Boshoff
Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Thought Leader, Wes has been described as “Professional with a charismatic personality and great sense of humour. His messages, attention-grabbing. He uses a highly motivational style of communication with any audience! With futurist vision and leadership style that’s hands-on, Wes makes you feel truly part of the discussion”. His sound leadership principles deal with personal effectiveness, competitive advantage and creating high performance cultures! He led the team that built Virgin Mobile’s world record breaking vehicle!