Can Your Business Clone its Founder?

Can Your Business Clone its Founder?


Founders have elusive instincts, but share visible passion

A founder’s commercial instincts are harder to clone. Steve Jobs’ most defining strength was his uncanny ability to spot and take advantage of trends long before anyone else could.

His passion and drive to succeed however permeated many at Apple and beyond: One element that any business can adopt and carry way beyond the founder’s years.

Founders are both doers and teachers

They have an eye on the near-term as well as the future. You may not clone their technical ability but it is possible to engage their horizon view.

They are teachers of the future through their vision; in the process they invite willing apprentices to start pretending to the throne.

Founders seek other founders, not imitators

Founders owe lots of their success to courage, energy and creativity, in any field they choose.

The best-cloned founders inspire a pioneering culture and mindset among those who dare to dream; they do not sponsor those who imitate them and their ideas, but seek those who emulate their conviction to excel in anything they choose to pursue.

Lizwe Nkala
Lizwe Nkala is an influential corporate strategist working at executive and board levels of large corporations. He is the MD of Flamingo Moon Consulting and a founding partner of the Strategic Thinking Institute, where he coaches executives and presents tailored strategic thinking seminars and webinars, and provides strategic thinking tools and templates on a subscription basis for corporate clients. For more, visit