How The Motivator Ignites Greatness

How The Motivator Ignites Greatness



In previous issues, I’ve shared with you two of our most energised boardroom profiles, the Catalyst and Champion. Moving along the Contribution Compass to those with inspiring natural energy, we find the motivator.

The Coach profile is empathetic, highly attuned to the rest of the team and seeks to inspire greatness in others. Bring out the best in the uplifting character of the Coach and they will bring out the best in the team, be that at board, executive, management or team level.

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Providing inspiration

Focused on supporting and bringing a central idea to life and making it shine through people, the Coach ignites the fire in others through their warmth, energy and inspiration.

Being able to tune into the emotions of individuals and the collective energy of a group, they possess an intuitive understanding of people and how to light the way for them to achieve excellence and success within a team.

Understanding what their team needs to overcome challenges, Coaches are often found rallying the group, while developing talent.

Driven by a need for engagement, change and opportunity, they thrive in environments that offer them engagement with a range of people.

Coaches who have learnt to maximise their natural energy understand the importance of building a high-functioning and effective team that love what they do.

A Coach who has attained mastery of their contribution also grasps the importance of being aligned to a worthy cause and will demonstrate their ability to inspire and guide their team while also holding them accountable for performance. As leaders, they drive and inspire their teams, inculcating commitment and loyalty at the same time.

The Coach contribution

A Coach director brings a people-centric focus to the board, coupled with a deep understanding of how accountability drives organisational performance.

Coach directors who have learnt how to harness their natural energy understand the importance of not getting too caught up in the emotions of others.

The matured Coach knows where to draw the line and set boundaries without losing touch with those they are dealing with. At the same time, they are able to focus the board on the people issues that need to be addressed and how talent can be more effectively developed.

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Their deep understanding of the human factor also supports their understanding of customer relationships, customer acquisition and networking. This enables Coaches to create value through sales engagement with the market and, on a board, how the company can be more effective in capturing the hearts and minds of its market.

However, a Coach director who struggles to maximise their natural energy may become overly attached to their relationships with others, and avoid holding others accountable or getting tough when needs be.

At a board level, we have seen this as placating conflict around the boardroom table and avoiding addressing the ‘elephant in the room’.

A clear vision and metrics that adequately assess the vision can also greatly assist the Coach director with clarity of direction and performance. This becomes a framework through which the Coach can focus their gift of challenging the board to focus on talent and wider relationships with the market.

Lighting the way

If there is a need for harmonious integration within your board or team, the Coach is the person for the job. Rallying the troops and lighting the way for others to shine, the Coach’s natural energy should be balanced with grounding, sustaining profiles in order for the seeds of inspiration they have planted to come to fruition.

Building a coach-led team

Effective teams led by Coaches should include a Custodian, who can drive timing, a sense of urgency, routine activities and a service ethic, and a Calibrater, who can refine systems and processes.

Carl Bates
Carl Bates is a global entrepreneur, speaker, author, mentor and director. Currently based in South Africa, he is a dynamic entrepreneur from New Zealand who guides small to medium businesses to achieve Extreme Business Success.