The CEO’s Real Job

The CEO’s Real Job


In a flat organisation, managers make operational decisions and owners only review results or discuss issues and problems. As a CEO, if you are no longer responsible for the operational aspects of your business, what should you be doing?

1. Plan. Chart the future course and goals of the business. Plan for capital investments, growth and development.

2. Train. Make certain your managers are constantly learning new skills and acquiring additional capabilities. Provide training opportunities and make them mandatory.

3. Review. Always monitor the results and the key indicators so you have a pulse on your progress and success. If faltering, you’re there as soon as possible to help make corrections. You’re supporting your managers’ efforts, not doing their job for them. Inspect your managers’ work, often and deeply.

That’s a flat organisation.

Can anyone do it? It requires a CEO who can resist being a control freak and who can let go in exchange for the benefits of greater success with less work effort. Let your managers do their job. Why pay them to watch over the employees when they should really be managing them?

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