The Elements Of Great People-Driven Companies

The Elements Of Great People-Driven Companies



In a world where people move jobs and tend to change careers more easily than in the past, it is important for employers to understand what keeps employees engaged in order to create a culture that retains staff and builds great people-driven companies.

While it’s generally known that most of us decide what career or industry to pursue based on our interests, enthusiasm and intellect, it’s less well understood that many people are motivated by their desire to make a difference – for self and others.

Passion is a key motivator for choosing to apply for, or stay in, a job. Brian Eagar of TowerStone has highlighted some of the key elements of great people-driven companies and passion is first on the list.


You could already have a passion for a company, even before you join it. It could be because of the image of that company you have in your mind given your history with its products or services or because of the opportunities that it provides (for self and the greater community). And the more passionate the leaders are, the more the employees are inspired to show up in the same manner – passion therefore directly relates to culture.

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We could safely say that 50% of our choice to work for a specific organisation is based purely on which organisation it is i.e. their products or the brand image.

The other 50% is based on the organisation’s culture and its ability to keep its team members engaged through re-education and reinventing of both self and the organisation.

Direction and purpose

It is leadership’s responsibility to inspire team members by setting direction and purpose to encourage them to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.

An organisation and its people need to have a symbiotic relationship: Team members work to serve their stakeholders (including themselves and their families).

Leadership needs to nurture this symbiotic relationship through communicating consistently and constantly, bearing in mind that leaders lead all the time.

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Companies that succeed today have a strong people-driven focus. Allowing for creativity in the workplace encourages engagement and learning – leading to individuals being stretched as opposed to just doing their jobs.

The leaders of these companies are drivers who engage their teams, set an example that inspires others to live the organisation’s values and purpose and show up themselves as brand ambassadors.

By doing so, they inspire their team members to bring their hands, minds and hearts to work. This fosters sustainable growth – for the individuals and the organisation – and results in extended staff retention that profits both the organisation and the individual.

Brian Eagar
Brian Eagar is a founder and CEO of the TowerStone Leadership Centre. Fuelled by his passion for empowering and inspiring people, Eagar translated this into a coaching journey that empowers leaders to inspire values-driven behaviour in their people, with the ultimate objective of fostering a sustainable, performance culture. He has over 15 years of personal executive leadership experience, seven years of executive development and facilitation experience, combined with seven years of coaching experience.