Top 8 Ways the Successful Influence People

Top 8 Ways the Successful Influence People


We’ve all wondered before and, more than that wanted the characteristics of the most successful to influence people and just make people feel incredible about backing this person and their company. It’s not some born-into-you talent, it is purely a skill that, once mastered, is one of the most empowering tools you can have in your “Life Skills” checklist.

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1. Be authentic

This is the number 1 sales technique that has ever worked. People can see straight through your dulled enthusiasm when you are not being you. No matter if you’re trying to sell yourself or a product, being genuine, looking your client in the eye, living the life you perceive to lead is how people will remember you anyway, they might as well put “authentic” on that list as well.

2. Believe in your product

Believe in your product whole-heartedly and it will be the driving force in people believing in your product too. Steve Jobs was no salesman, he was often referred to as impossible to work with, yet a whole generation is brought up on his products.

Are they the best in the world? Not necessarily, but no one cared so much about the value a product would bring to the human experience quite like Steve Jobs.

3. Care about your clients’ needs

Sales is not about ramming garbage down your clients’ throat and not caring about whether your client can actually benefit from it or not. The days of the “hard-sale” are over.

They are the main reason there is a very negative perception about salespeople. Finding out what the client would need your product for, showing them their need and how incredibly your product could fill that need is a way to show you genuinely care.

Follow up calls after the sale of the product and great service are now all part of the sales package. Also, now on your courtesy calls, you may be able to refer your client for another need they have or help them yourself. Keyword here is HELP. You might just get another sale by keeping this method in mind.

4. Master your tone

Ever gone to a drive-thru and the lady in the window asks: “What would you like to order?” in a tone that could make you fall asleep? Imagine buying a house from that person. You wouldn’t, would you? No matter how good her intentions or what a great deal she might have got you, your enthusiasm will be equal to hers, which would lead to you getting into the car, zooting off and never returning.

When speaking or influencing people, your genuine excitement about whatever you are talking about shows the value of it, and how in love YOU are with it. How you control your voice, as well as your body language could be the deciding factor between the client making the big buy, or that person carrying on the conversation at the bar on Friday or not.

5. Have your outcome planned

Why are you doing this? Why would you like to make 1mil in sales a month? To donate more to your favourite charity? To retire your parents? To bring your children up in a better situation than yours? To stay in the house you want? To drive a Ferrari so you can get the hot girlfriend?

Whatever your reasons, if they’re compelling enough, they will drive you to make more of a difference to people’s lives and drive you to produce more value to others to get the sales you work for. The value you provide to people is directly proportionate to your salary.

6. Care about yourself

People automatically judge you within 1/24th of a second on your appearance. Making a good impression starts you in the lead before you even open your mouth. Turning a bad impression into a good one is a hard climb, but always possible!

7. Relationships= Results

I didn’t get this one when I started at 16. It was immediate results and move on, but as I get older, I realise how much the relationships I have built throughout the years have helped me. Ever called a friend because you needed help moving? That’s a relationship you’ve built.

When your friends can tell their friends that they know a person (you) who could help fulfil their need without you ever having to have been anything but good at building relationships, it’s a really great skill to have. Plus, you really meet incredible if you get out of your comfort zone a little.

8. Go For It!

Ever heard the saying: “Life begins outside of your comfort zone.”? One of the most fun ways to expand your relationship, sales, LIFE is to do something you’d usually never do.

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Approach people out of the blue to talk about your product. Talk to that girl at the bar. Go sky-diving. Take the risk and speak in front of 500 people at a seminar (I did it). Be willing to do the things that others won’t. If you want to be where other people couldn’t be, you have to do what other people wouldn’t.

The experiences you’ll have will grow you tremendously and the process will be more fun than you could ever imagine. Once a day, do something that scares the shit out of you. You never know, you might just love the feeling.