Why We Should Be Joining Forces for a Better SA

Why We Should Be Joining Forces for a Better SA


South Africa recently hosted the 35th Annual Crime Stoppers International (CSI) Conference, which served as a platform to encourage individuals to take the lead and stop crime.

As head of Crime Line, which allows people to make anonymous tip-offs to authorities, I was privileged to learn from some of the world’s thought leaders on crime prevention.

We aim to protect the identity of those reporting crimes by providing safe ways to tip-off police. Through Crime Line, we should all take the lead in reporting criminal activity as we are equally responsible to help law enforcement root out crime.

Getting a step ahead

Crime has risen with the rise of globalisation. Our communities are becoming more susceptible to criminals who often have funds to bankroll their activities.

It is time for us to join forces and get ahead of these highly organised groups. Law enforcement agencies require communities, non-profit organisations and the media to jointly address crime.

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Yusuf Abramjee
Three years ago Yusuf Abramjee head: news and current affairs, Primedia Broadcasting, was part of a small but committed group of citizens who asked how they could make a difference in our society and encourage others to do the same. The result was Lead SA.