You Can’t Handle The Truth

You Can’t Handle The Truth


Leaders always know where they’re going and how they’re going to get there, and if they don’t, they play the part. But is this the best course of action?

Getting it wrong

Information is withheld because of uncertainty, or for fear of ‘distracting’ the workforce, particularly if the business is restructuring and employees might lose initiative, become slackers or look for
new jobs.

The message: “You can’t handle the truth” insults, infantilises and disregards employees – and the rumour mill will fill them in anyway with distorted information.

The fix: Companies that choose to communicate with as much truth as they know, right when they know it, not only build trust in the workforce but find that employees continue to do their jobs.

Getting it right

According to Weiss, even good leaders don’t always have all the answers. And the great leaders aren’t ashamed to admit it.

In the research conducted for Good to Great, author Jim Collins found that when leaders reveal uncertainty, and acknowledge it with a little humility, the result is not less, but more respect and effort from the workforce.

So the question becomes, what type of leader are you, and are you able to be open, honest and fallible with your employees?


Employed Americans who plan to look for a new job once the economy turns.


Cited a “loss of trust,” and 46% said a “lack of transparency in communications,” were to blame for their decision.

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