Liz Hurley: From Fembot to Organic Farmer

Liz Hurley: From Fembot to Organic Farmer


The actress and model isn’t just a health nut, she’s launched a line of organic snacks for consumers made from food produced on her farm in Gloucestershire, England.


Talk about a change of scenery! After modelling and acting in several films, Hurley packed up and moved to a 400-acre organic farm. Then she teamed up with upscale United Kingdom department store Harrod’s to launch the organic snack range.


Harrod’s also sells Hurley’s line of beach products called Elizabeth Hurley Beach. The line includes swimwear for adults and kids.


In 2009, Hurley repeated the success of her snack line with Harrod’s by joining forces with Prince Charles and his organic farming/food company Duchy Originals. She now provides meat and vegetables from her own farm.

So, how can your business learn from Hurley’s success? First, always do what you are passionate about. The Liz Hurley name might be a brand in itself, but if she didn’t produce quality products, the novelty would soon have worn off. Customers love trying new things, but keeping them loyal means you have to deliver.


Second, choose great partnerships. We might not all have the luxury of being able to secure deals with Harrod’s or partner with the Prince of Wales, but often who you choose to partner with can help your business as much as your own offering. Different markets and synergies can give you access to great new customers, provided your values are aligned.

Alison Job
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