Indoor Pot Plant or Office Desk?

Indoor Pot Plant or Office Desk?


How often have you sat at your desk and stared out the window at a storm approaching, a weaver making a nest or simply the trees and greenery outside?

You’re not alone. Product developer Daniel Zeller was so bored of being cooped up inside his office duringNorway’s cold winter days that he created the Terrarium Desktop.


Based on garden furniture designs, Daniel used glass panels and rustic wood to really give it a natural look and feel. Because the plants are placed inside a drawer, they’re easy to water and care for throughout the year, while soft lighting enhances the working environment, creates a soothing atmosphere for employees and regulates the temperature within the terrarium.


This isn’t just a great aesthetic creation though. Research has shown that incorporating plants into an office space leads to higher productivity and less stress. The Terrarium Desktop is a compact and simple option to motivating and relaxing employees – which naturally leads to a more productive, happier workplace. ‘Living’ desks and tables are even being used in other areas of offices such as reception areas, helping create a completely different atmosphere for customers and guests.

The Terrarium Desktop is just another product that proves that greener offices and homes are a way of the future.

Casandra Visser
Casandra Visser is a Digital Marketing & Content Strategist and writes for Entrepreneur Media SA.