It’s a Tweet Life

It’s a Tweet Life


Looking for ideas on how to have not only the coolest office on the block but a green one to boot? Take a tour of Twitter’s new eco-friendly office in downtown San Francisco.

Go green… with envy

Visitors are greeted by the famous Twitter logo, which was made from reclaimed barn wood. And the little birdies you see fluttering throughout the office are made from hot rolled steel.

The swish designer furniture is also sustainable. Sweet deal for the designer landing that deal, you say? Sara Morishige Williams, also happens to be the wife of Twitter CEO, Evan Williams.




The large boardroom table is made from concrete composed of 40% fly ash and 100% recyclable aggregate, complete with imbedded birdies flying across the table.




The office space has eco-friendly, non-toxic finishes to keep the air, brain and body clear. It’s all about fun and sustainability.






Playful designs and inspiring decorations make it a relaxed and calm environment, but if you need to burn off some creative steam, it has its very own DJ booth.






Tracy Lee Nicol
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