Pillow Productivity

Pillow Productivity


Once upon a time – what seems like forever ago – calls were received on land lines, computers were big, heavy and desk-bound, and Internet was hooked up to a dial-up modem – remember that dial up tone? These days, the scene couldn’t be more different.

With compact and powerful processing capabilities of mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, and wireless Internet all designed to help people stay in touch while on the go, what’s becoming increasingly common is the opposite of mobility… It’s working from bed.


In fact, in a recent survey conducted in the US, 8 out of 10 young, professional New Yorkers work from bed both before and after work hours. And this isn’t a habit unique to inhabitants of the Big Apple: One in five workers in the UK spend between two and ten hours a week working from bed.


Can’t deny the numbers…

Of 1 000 respondents surveyed by Good Technology, 50% check their email from bed – some because they can; others because they’ve got demanding clients and time zones to consider.

And of course, in the world of business, where people are taking up lifestyle habits, there’s money to be made. While working from bed is a lot more comfortable than sitting at a desk, it’s not the most ergonomic design, and some savvy businesses are set and ready to cash in:


Bed manufacturers are making remote-controlled, adjustable beds, so you can find that perfect working spot. Even hospital beds aren’t safe, having power sockets included in the frame for charging devices.

If adjustable mattresses are a step too far for comfort (and a step closer to a seriously peeved spouse), here are some smaller gadgetry for bringing your office to bed:

This pyramid pillow from levinger.com for $39 allows you to prop up your tablet and finally stop losing pens in the sheets.


The adjustable laptop lifter helps you find that perfect horizontal working position, while laptop holders mean you’ll never have to have an overheated lap and laptop while you work.


If the folding bed tray is too complicated, leave it to Ikea to come up with a simple, elegant soft-desk solution at $15.

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