Where Facebook Makes the Magic Happen

Where Facebook Makes the Magic Happen


Facebook isn’t just a place where hours of time are spent updating your status or promoting your business. Behind the marvelous social platform, a whole lot of work is being done. And to keep Facebook ahead of the pack, it’s got cool offices that make its employees want to hang around at work.

Taking one of their most popular features literally, Facebook has its own wall.




There’s no such thing as drab, soul-sucking cubical farms. The company encourages social interaction and here, one office has been decked out with a Super Mario theme.




When things get tense and staff go a bit square-eyed from staring at their screens, there’s a dedicated band room for blowing off steam.




We know programmers operate on different wave-lengths to the rest of us. And Facebook’s offices are dotted with things that can only be interpreted as inside jokes.




Understanding that getting things to market and then refining is key to staying ahead of the pack, Facebook’s wall art reminds workers that done is better than perfect.




And we all know sugar is the key to getting things done. An on-tap supply of sweeties and soda.






But when getting things done gets too much and music won’t cut it, wall art becomes functional.




Here’s where all your status updates go. Tens of thousands of servers in Facebook’s California data centre.




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Tracy Lee Nicol
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