Ballsy Business Cards

Ballsy Business Cards


How many business cards do you have in your desk drawer? I have hundreds and I can never find the one that I want. But there are one or two that are really unusual, and these tend to float to the top of the heap.

Take this card. It’s for a yoga studio. Sticking your fingers through the holes makes the woman do something that appears to be physically impossible. Which is what yoga is all about.




Here’s another business card that cleverly mirrors its subject matter. You may have the physical strength in your fingers to stretch it into a readable width, but is the rest of your body as strong?



A company that services cars and offers oil changes came up with this innovative card. You have to slide out the coloured inner in order to see the contact details, but the oil can cutout leaves no doubt about the nature of the business.





The ultimate business card for a food supplier is an edible one. Not easy to do, but highly effective and memorable. Might be fun to hand out at a trade show, but not practical to carry around in your pocket.




Google, the purveyor of cool, keeps it simple, relying on their search engine supremacy to make an impact. The message – if you want to find the person, Google them. Which would work, as long as their name wasn’t John Smith!




Alison Job
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