Give the Gift of Green

Give the Gift of Green


Instead of giving your customers caps or t-shirts branded with your company logo, why not give them a sustainable gift that shows you care about the environment and them?

For instance you can customise this desk-sized wind turbine with your company logo. It has a solar panel that powers the blades when it is exposed to sunlight. This is an amazingly cool alternative energy corporate gift.

Green Corporate Gift

How about these nifty bags made from PVC? Add ice and water and you’ve got a portable ice bucket that’ll keep your fruit or drinks chilled. Cool-de-Sacs have the added convenience of being able to double up as reusable packaging.


Another environmentally friendly corporate gift is the staple-less stapler, helping to reduce the office worker’s dependency on steel. This one comes with a great quote that reads “If every office worker in the UK used 1 less staple a day we would save 120 tonnes of steel a year“.

Staple-less stapler

The ecobutton is an illuminating USB device that acts as a reminder and a prompt for the user to press it whenever the computer is going to be left idle. When pressed, the ecobutton puts the computer into energy saving ‘ecomode’.

Eco-Button Gift

The water-powered Maxi Clock uses H20 technology to power it. Simply add water to the body of the clock to activate it and enjoy free energy. You just need to remember to top it up with water every now and then.

Maxi Clock

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