Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty


Trying to lure consumers in with cute animals is nothing new. However, the trend has taken on a slightly bizarre twist.

Realising that people may be suffering from cute animal overload, marketers have started using images that are deliberately disruptive and disturbing. Photo manipulation comes to the fore to allow the animals to perfectly convey the advertiser’s message.

This ad for binoculars featuring an obese giraffe certainly gets the message across.

Fat Giraffe Advert

This Snickers ad focuses on the shark’s hunger, which can only be sated by a chocolate bar.

Snickers Shark Advert

An alternative radio station makes it very clear that it doesn’t want listeners who follow the crowd.

Sheep Radio Advert

This advertisement for Yamaha scooters clearly conveys the attitude of the rider. The message is “don’t be an animal on the road” and take advantage of the free driving lessons you receive when you buy this brand.

Yamaha Gorilla Advert

Mitsubishi introduced a rear-view camera on its tough new Pajero with this image.

Pajero Rhino Advert

Alison Job
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