Meme Mania

Meme Mania


We had such a great response on Facebook to our “Keep calm” article that we decided to take a look at other memes that drive people crazy.

The meme craze has begun and it shows no signs of stopping. Memes are just another popular way Internet users are showing their opinions, feelings or sense of humour to one another. It’s like adding a smiley face to your email, you get to express how you feel without offending anybody.

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The “What People Think I Do/What I Really Do” meme basically tells all of your friends how your horrible life is actually more horrible than anyone could imagine. Ready for a pity party yet?

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Another meme that has outstayed its welcome is the grumpy cat meme. Initially amusing, it’s now just plain old. Especially when you discover that the cat, called Tardar Sauce, looks that way because she suffers from dwarfism.

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If you use the word “Fact” in large bold letters, then the message must be true, right? So we get memes that allow you to tell people that you hardly know, but have befriended on Facebook anyway, what you’re really like deep down inside.

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This little boy originally gained internet fame in 2007 when his mother posted a photo online of her son on a beach, clutching a fist full of sand. The image quickly spread, often accompanied by captions reflecting sentiments of either success or frustration. The photo was used by Virgin Media in 2012 to promote their HD channels.

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This woman is Sweet Brown, an Oklahoma City resident, who said the words “Ain’t Nobody got time for that!” during a television interview with a reporter about a fire in her apartment complex. The interview has become a viral hit and many people use it to make memes.

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You can even have a meme based on a meme. The recent spate of zombie movies has given rise to appropriately-themed memes. This one takes one of the original memes and warns people of the imminent zombie apocalypse.

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