What’s App With That?

What’s App With That?


Creating an app for your brand is the in thing to do as mobile technology is changing the way marketing is done. The use of mobile apps has skyrocketed. Initially they were purely functional, but apps have evolved as a branding device that smart marketers capitalise on. We take a look at why some apps matter.

Smartphone with Apps

People are spending more time downloading and using apps, offering marketers a great opportunity to get their brand out there. Many businesses are beginning to recognise the value of mobile app technology as a marketing tool to attract customers. Your message needs to be delivered, but also needs to be interesting for users to take action.

Coca Cola App

What makes mobile apps so attractive to many is that they offer a more personalised experience. An app has to be able to do something that is useful or interesting to the customer. Capitalising on this, some restaurants have developed their apps so that people can choose food items and place orders directly from their mobile devices.

Bakery App

It is easy for potential users to overlook apps that don’t offer some direct benefit. Even if your product or service doesn’t lend itself well to an app, come up with a game to keep your brand dominant in the user’s mind.

Gaming Apps

Apps can provide entertainment value like games, or offer information like searchable databases. They can also be fun, allowing users to personalise their smartphones for specific holidays.

Holiday Apps

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