An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day


Amsterdam has broken the mould when it comes to pharmacies. At Lairesse Apotheek you can pick up your prescription as well as get a bit of health and wellness advice at the same time.

Lairesse Apotheek

Upon entering you will find a wall-to-wall view of the periodic table where after you will enter a circular room that glows with wellness.

Lairesse Apotheek Wall

The floor is covered in green ginkgo leaves and there is a giant tree trunk that seems to be growing against the counter and into the ceiling. The glass draws that are stocked with the various medicines glow green, which adds to the overall holistic vibe of the room.

Lairesse Apotheek

Pick up an informative pamphlet as well as some lip balm while waiting for your prescription to be filled.


The store was initially designed because owner, Marjan Terpstra, was tired of the cold and clinical feel of most modern day pharmacies. So she hired architects, Concrete, to help her blend the homeopathic with the medicinal into a up-to-date space.



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