Dinner at 8

Dinner at 8


We’re familiar with food as art, but what about the restaurant itself as a work of art? Set on the streets of Paris with an eye-catching entrance, Murial Grateau is one restaurant that catches the eye of many passers-by.

Looking in through the classic storefront you will find a number of elegant table settings consisting of Ms. Grateau’s tableware creations. The captivating layouts were designed to inspire shoppers as well as display the quality that the owner insists on.




A set of stairs leads to an upper level where you are surrounded by white walls filled with splashes of colour in the form of plates, napkins, serving dishes, teapots and table runners. Mix and match the different colours to discover what will work in your home or place of business.




Minimalism and elegance were essential in the design of the store, which was redesigned to celebrate two decades of being in existence. The store currently displays over 100 shades of table linen and is accompanied by modest tableware. The array of colours displayed against the white interior allows for an eyeful of colour without any other distractions.




The retail space was designed to conjure a feeling of floating, meaning the pieces are not reliant on surfaces or walls. Materials used in the store include stones covered in powdered paint, mineral resin, LED lighting and white lacquered steel plate.


Casandra Visser
Casandra Visser is a Digital Marketing & Content Strategist and writes for Entrepreneur Media SA.