Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams


Monki. An abandoned city of oil and steel or a fashion outlet for teenage girls?

This clothing brand took a typical store and turned it into a conceptual world where their customers could really explore and experience their clothing collections. Divided into very different sections, the Monki store is unlike any other fashion outlet you’ve ever seen.



The forgotten forest consists of hollow tree trunks for fitting clothes, mushrooms topped with accessories and glowing branches strewn with hangers of clothing for you to browse through.



The city of oil and steel is based on the post apocalypse. It is filled with neon lighting and feels warm and dark, a place for new living organisms to thrive. While here, customers can browse through the Monki shoe and handbag collection. This room is also used as a platform for up and coming djs.



The sea of scallops is the area of the store where you are meant to lose perspective as it is filled with optical illusions. The lighting, patterns and colours that are used compliment their unique clothing styles and allow for an interesting shopping experience.



Joel Degermark and Catharina Frankander are the names behind the Swedish retail concept. They created the parallel world of the Monkis who are cute and friendly creatures who can also be evil and deceptive. They managed to take the vision behind this clothing range and create an environment that would bring that to life as well as speak to their very specific market.



Casandra Visser
Casandra Visser is a Digital Marketing & Content Strategist and writes for Entrepreneur Media SA.