Modern Day Clubhouse

Modern Day Clubhouse


While the Oh Wow Book Club might sound like just another book store, when you enter the store it is anything but.

Based on a prewar NYC bathroom design, this pocket-sized store looks a lot bigger than it is. Shelving appears to be stacked on top of each other and the negative space behind the shelves gives the illusion that the shelves are floating.



Along with its black and white shelving arrangements, reflective Mylar shapes are scattered along the turquoise walls giving the store an almost chaotic effect, which is how the creators of Oh Wow was able to achieve their vision of creating unusual arenas for culture projects.




Owners, Aaron Bondaroff and Al Mora, wanted their creations to be displayed in an environment where art and literature meet. Along with it being a publisher’s outlet, they will also be using the store as a gallery going forward.




Rafael de Cárdenas is the name behind the design of Oh Wow. He drew his inspiration from Navajo blankets and patterns because of their engineering graphic quality.



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