B-BBEE: Moving Beyond Compliance Into Investment

B-BBEE: Moving Beyond Compliance Into Investment



Vital Stats

B-BBEE is inevitable in the current economic landscape of South Africa. Whether you are a fan or an enemy of B-BBEE, it does not matter; if you want your business to thrive you have to transform your business into a B-BBEE compliant entity. To some it comes naturally, but others are still hesitant.

B-BBEE grew a sceptical fan base and widespread rejection due to a common misconception and one-sided implementation amongst businesses in South Africa.

Here are some questions that need considered answers:

  • Does B-BBEE have to be the enemy of money-making businesses?
  • Does B-BBEE have to feel like you are just giving away your hard earned money?
  • Does B-BBEE really slow down businesses’ financial wealth?

B-BBEE can in fact contribute greatly to your company’s growth and wealth. B-BBEE does not have to be a ‘one side give’ and ‘other side receive’ kind of thing. B-BBEE can be mutually beneficial — if you know how to do it right. The Investment House specialises in innovative and creative Enterprise and Supplier Development solutions within B-BBEE, turning your compliance spend into investment spend.

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The most obvious B-BBEE compliance benefits are the contribution to the economic growth of South Africa and the positive social impact on communities. But the reality is that not every business owner is interested in the development of wealth beyond his own business.

With this in mind, The Investment House connects entrepreneurs for mutually beneficial business relationships. “We do not only turn businesses into socially responsible entities with reputable images, but we also assist in meeting the company’s own objectives and helping them gain sustainable business benefits out of B-BBEE,” says Jack Janse van Rensburg, the director of The Investment House.

“We identify your business goals and vision, analyse your gaps and opportunities and only then create your very own strategic and pioneering B-BBEE strategy. We never leave out the company’s interests and objectives, otherwise B-BBEE turns into simple charity.”

“To understand the benefit of Enterprise and Supplier Development implementation for every business owner, Janse van Rensburg further explains: B-BBEE reshapes the economic world around you — and this can be a very good thing. Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) allows you to trade in markets you most likely do not have access to without ESD.”

Compliance with B-BBEE allows businesses to Grow and expand through:

  • Diversification
  • Broader market penetration
  • Outsourced risk and capital requirements
  • Lower human resource liabilities.

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“We offer expansion and growth for your business without consuming your capital, time and energy but rather through innovative and tailor-made ESD strategies to let your money work for you,” says Janse van Rensburg.

The truth is, every business owner can gain as much out of B-BBEE as the originally intended receivers, black entrepreneurs. “If you structure it right, B-BBEE can be quite an enlightening business tactic to grow, expand and make money,” says Janse van Rensburg.

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