New Merchant Online: Peace of Mind for Business Owners

New Merchant Online: Peace of Mind for Business Owners


Merchant online provides business owners and managers with instant access to electronic statements, transaction reports, transaction fees, charges, settlement insights, and a convenient way to resolve discrepancies in transactions by submitting queries directly to the bank.

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“Through the introduction of innovative products and services, we constantly strive to move our customers forward by enhancing the competitiveness, self-sufficiency and agility of those who bank with us,” says Andrew Wilmot, Head of Merchant Solutions at Standard Bank.

Free and instant: The best of both

“Merchant Online extends convenience to business-owners throughout South Africa, specifically those merchants with stand-alone, mobile, AutoSwitch and BluMobi devices. With this latest application, merchants will enjoy free and instant access to all vital banking information and tools via a secure platform, ultimately saving time, money and effort,” adds Mr Wilmot.

A number of useful features, such as batch insights and graphical representation of transactions ensure that all necessary, relevant and vital commercial information is in one easy-to-access place, which assists users to make quick decisions and strategise for the short and long-term.

“All of this can be done anytime, anywhere on laptops, desktop computers and any smart device without any safety concerns,” says Wilmot.

“As with our online consumer banking platform, the security features required for Merchant Online are of the highest standard. By issuing unique login credentials and passwords, we ensure that users can only view and access the profile for which they have been set up.”

Easy peasy but very safe

Registering for Merchant Online is as easy as registering for any other mobile application, on the Standard Bank website. However, because of stringent security standards, merchants will be required to provide their ID number, email address and merchant number, which is the then processed securely and activated by a One Time email Pin (OTP).

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“With ease of use of administrative products – will come more streamlined, fast and proactive enterprises,” concludes Wilmot.

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