Need a Business Coach: Are You Even Ready For One?

Need a Business Coach: Are You Even Ready For One?


From time to time one comes into different situations and problems within their business. Running a business, no matter the size, is one stressful job and is always a big task. You wear many hats and different times within the business.

As a new business owner one often needs to learn about their own industry and about business in general and how to go about growing a sustainable company.

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More often than not, people don’t go to school to learn about business. Some people learn through experiences, or short courses, but to circumvent the lengthy process, a business coach can satisfy that role.

Business coaches offer perspective

Business Coaches are in my opinion, the best people by far to consult especially if they are within the same industry. They provide advice, tips, scenarios and real life situations that you might go through in your organisation.

They help you get to grips with your business and what you should be doing as well as hold you responsible to those agreed actions.

Depending on how you setup your coaching sessions, you can consult with them on various issues within your business. It’s always good to have a business coach that knows the ropes and has a lot of experience in running a business.

The value that you will see from your business coach is in applying everything that you are taught and seeing the results.

Input vs. output

Like any sport, when you have a coach the output you get is directly linked to your input. Let your coach help you by giving them access to in-depth analysis of your business.

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Straight to the point game-strategy_business-strategy

The deepest and most honest findings that you’ll learn from a business coach is that they tell you the truth about your business and won’t beat about the bush especially because they are there to help. They will tell you the cold honest truth at all times and you need to make sure that they do, it’s the only way that you will progress.


Your coach should have no vested interest in your business and should always give you a third party objective perspective of your business that will always help you because your always working in the business and never have a chance to look at it from the outside.

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Once you’ve decided that you need a coach and are willing to take the necessary steps to find a coach, you need to find it in yourself to improve and want to do better in your business. You must want to improve your business and your personal skills.

It’s important to:

  1. Have an all ­rounded progressive business coach
  2. Understand what you want to get out of your coaching and define with your coach at the start.
  3. Understand that your coach is there to help and not do the job for you.
  4. Set measurable and deliverables with your coach.
Kgomotso Mautloa
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