Thinking of Moving Towards a More Converged IT-Infrastructure?

Thinking of Moving Towards a More Converged IT-Infrastructure?


Modernising your datacenter and building it out on a converge infrastructure requires a different way of looking at infrastructure, networking and storage capacity of which traditional IT was made up of previously.

The datacenter evolution is driving by business service demands;

  • IT agility and efficiency is required for business competitiveness
  • Maintaining application scalability and performance are critical

Converged infrastructure is the combination of converged platforms such as the Dell PowerEdge VRTX and FX architecture and unified management such as active system manager and open manager to provide infrastructure that includes shared building blocks, compute, storage and networking resources that enable businesses to deliver application more efficiently and the unified management helps businesses automate manual, time-consuming tasks to move towards an agile, services-centric delivery model.

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We’ve seen strong customer interest in Dell’s future-ready IT solutions such as the Dell PowerEdge FX converged architecture for optimal modulatory and scalability; Dell’s modern, virtualised storage array architecture that enables a unique approach that utilised multiple flash types in the same array, based on workload goals and usage patterns, and Dell’s converged and hyper-converged engineered solution in partnerships with Microsoft, VMware and Nutanix that help customer deploy applications faster, grow and invest incrementally with scale out expansion, and better manage infrastructure and applications.

“We believe you can achieve greater efficiencies by evolving toward server-centric, software-defined infrastructure.” Says Francois Smith, Enterprise Marketing Manager from Dell South Africa.

The Pros of converged infrastructure will make it easier for businesses to…

    • Scale and adapt their infrastructure with tailored solutions to build and to address business needs.
    • Deliver optimised and efficiently managed solutions through simplified management of the infrastructure.
    • Allow customers to save on total cost of ownership, whist getting the best of both worlds in terms of efficient technology.

Businesses should adapt this next step in IT infrastructure because…

      • Converged Solutions simplify IT
      • It increases agility and lays the foundation for innovation.
      • It helps reduce costs through automate operations delivered by solutions that integrate servers, storage, networking and management into single solutions.

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To implement this in your businesses you need to…

      • Be hardware focused and be pro to the building block approach such as the Dell PowerEdge FX and VRTX which includes server, storage and networking infrastructure solutions in one.


    • Be pro to the hyper converged or software defined approach such as the Dell XC Series and Dell EVO Rail, where the solution is software defined and the individual components cannot be broken up to be used individually (Server, Storage, Networking)
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