What Happens When You Become A Green Power Expert

What Happens When You Become A Green Power Expert


Ellies Renewable Energy, a division of Ellies Electronics (Pty) Ltd has developed a unique Distributors opportunity for SME’s and Entrepreneurs in the trade sector to take its energy efficient, cost effective products to both the residential and commercial markets and become Green Power Experts.

On becoming a Green Power Expert, Distributors are able to change the way consumers use electricity and put the money back into their clientele’s pockets. Distributors are trained to look at energy savings from a holistic point of view and formulate personalised solutions that offer savings in terms of energy, time and money, while building long term relationships with customers and repeat business.

  • Distributors are able to educate consumers on which products offer the best solution to address their specific need in real time via the use of our exclusive energy audit mobile app
  • Green Power experts come to you, there is no need for customers to go out and purchase products they think they need. The full service offering from product knowledge to correct product selection and installation is an immediate seamless process
  • The exclusive mobile energy audit app used by distributors shows client’s product comparisons, costs and immediate savings that can be realised
  • Inverters are recommended as backup systems for when there is grid maintenance or power outages providing customers with their electricity needs and peace of mind. Inverters also save up to 10% on overall energy if consumers are running on back-up power
  • Grid tied solar systems can save consumers up to 50% on electricity bills since they do not only have to rely on grid power to run a business or house hold
  • Water saving devices cut electricity and water usage by up to 50%
  • Energy efficient globes only use around 5 watts where older technology uses between 50-110 watts, which also significantly cuts electricity bills. Technology is available with up to 25 year warrantees.

Testimonial of a happy consumer that was serviced by a current Green Power Expert:

“I contacted a Green Power Expert as I had a guest bathroom light that needed replacement. Apart from this being a nuisance and time consuming for me to address, I did not have a suitable ladder or know what fitting I needed. On my initial problem being addressed the Green power expert showed me a Mighty-Lite, a floodlight powered by a solar panel. On quickly reviewing my home, I asked him to install one at my outside braai area. The flood light works with a sensor, so whenever I am at the braai, the area lights up automatically. My Helper then told me that the light is really intelligent; and could we possibly install a few more around the home as a security feature as the sensor catches movement. This just goes to show how as result of a bathroom light needing replacement I ended up also installing 4 Mighty lites. The best part being I know have added security lighting around my home and my monthly electricity bills have not been affected in any way as the lights are solar powered. Great, affordable technology. I am one happy customer and similarly shared my experience with friends and family. Thank you “.

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Ellies Renewable Energy
Become a Green Power Expert. 80 license opportunities available in Gauteng with expansion nationally. Licensees get equipped with a unique, mobile showcase trailer, complete with product, knowledge and technical know- how. Licensees are able to educate clients on energy and water saving devices, with the ability to demonstrate the efficiency of products , conduct home audits , sell and install products from the showcase trailers in the convenience of the client’s home or businesses . Contact us via e-mail : egs2@ellies.co.za, tel: 011 493 0344, www.elliesrenewable.co.za and Like us on Facebook: ellies green initiative.