Billionaire Wisdom: 8 Insights From a Quartet of the World’s Most Effective...

Billionaire Wisdom: 8 Insights From a Quartet of the World’s Most Effective Entrepreneurs

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Until very recently, taking on grand challenges was off-limits for most people. Historically, going big meant huge capital outlays and multi-decade bets.

It meant staging personnel in dozens, sometimes hundreds, of countries. Assembling the astounding array of talent required an infrastructure for hiring, retaining and retraining it as technology evolved. But with the wealth of crowdsourcing tools available to today’s entrepreneurs, the entire playing field has shifted.

Technology lets companies to scale up in size as never before. Small groups can have huge impacts. A team of passionate innovators can alter the lives of a billion people in an eyeblink.

A quartet of entrepreneurs have harnessed technology to build multibillion dollar companies that forever changed the world: Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and Google CEO Larry Page.

Each of them mastered a rarely discussed skill fundamental to bold pursuits and enterprises with exponential growth: the ability to think at scale.


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Steven Kotler
Steven Kotler, who is based in the Sante Fe, N.M., area, is the co-author of Abundance and the author of The Rise of Superman. His latest book, Bold: How to Go Big, Make Bank and Better the World, explores the link between the world's biggest problems and the world's largest businesses.