Doing Your Finance On The Fly

Doing Your Finance On The Fly


Finance. Every entrepreneur’s nightmare. All those numbers, reports, calculations, spreadsheets waiting for you. That’s bearable when you have your desktop computer and time to deal with it, but what happens when you need to handle your finance immediately and you are out of the office?

Luckily, modern technology is here to make entrepreneur’s life easier. Nowadays, tablets and mobiles phones with many useful apps offer a great help with managing everyday tasks. An app that will definitely give you a hand with your finance on the go and without any hustle is PDF to Excel.

Benefits of using PDF to Excel app

There are many reasons why PDF to Excel is a must-have business app and here are some of them.

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Edit bank statements, invoices and receipts easily

Usually all important data, such as bank statements, invoices and other finance documents are preserved in PDF file format, given its unchangeable nature. But now your figures aren’t trapped any more and you don’t have to rewrite them in order to edit them. With PDF to Excel it’s possible to turn your tables from PDFs into editable MS Excel spreadsheets on a tablet or a smartphone.

There won’t be unpleasant surprises anymore when you need to present charts on important meetings. You’re always ready to go!

Write finance reports smoothly

Finance reports represent indispensable part of entrepreneur’s business, but their editing and writing doesn’t have to be a tedious work. PDF to Excel app allows you to extract data from PDF files into Excel spreadsheets. This means you can reuse an old report and incorporate it in a new one. When you have a right tool, you can get your work smoothly.

Analyse data without a headache

Analysing data is crucial step in the process of improving your business. When all statistics are clear and transparent, then thoughts are also clear and ideas come up without a hitch. By using PDF to Excel it’s possible to gather all finance tables from PDFs at one place and analyse them more carefully. Analysing brings progress.

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How does it work?

PDF to Excel is very simple to use. Just follow these instructions to convert your document.

  • Select a file you need to convert
  • Click on the Share button in the top right corner and after finding PDF to Excel app in the OPEN IN menu, tap on it.
  • Just wait a little bit and you will find your converted file within the app.

After you get the converted file, you will need MS Office or any other Office related app that opens Excel files.

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