Chicken Xpress On Plucking Up The Courage To Franchise

Chicken Xpress On Plucking Up The Courage To Franchise


About the Brand

The franchise was developed in KwaZulu Natal during 2011, when the founders noticed a need for a business model that could serve the nation’s most-loved product — quality fried chicken — in an affordable manner, both for the customer and franchisee.

Chicken Xpress focused on smaller-format stores of roughly 80m2 in size that could be built in high-commuter areas across South Africa.

“While we have great respect for overseas brands operating in SA, our goal is to be the ‘people’s champion’ of our industry,” says Chicken Xpress MD, Devon Scoulelis.

Chicken Xpress currently has 16 stores across South Africa, with another 45 planned for opening over the next 12 months. Its goal is to bring its offering to every community across South Africa, and Africa, through a rapid yet sustainable roll-out pattern.

The brand is also expanding across Africa, and has opened its first stores in Botswana and Sudan. Moreover, Chicken Xpress is currently exploring the feasibility of expanding into Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana and other African regions.

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Franchisee selection criteria

The Chicken Xpress business model is easily accessible, even for those who are new to entrepreneurship. Compared to many similar franchises, a Chicken Xpress franchise is quite affordable and boasts low barriers to entry. The company is looking for new and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to grow alongside the brand.

An ideal Chicken Xpress Franchisee displays strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and is able to make positive decisions for his or her business. An ideal franchisee remains resilient and has a strong ability to motivate team members.

“We want franchisees that are passionate about the brand and the long-term strategy we have at Chicken Xpress. We also want them to be hands-on, which will allow them to get to know the business. We ultimately want as many franchisees as possible to own multiple units, and this requires them to run profitable stores,” says Scoulelis.

Franchisee support

Training and support is very important for Chicken Xpress. Its head office team assists with site selection, negotiations with a landlord, store design and layout, training of staff, purchasing of stock, and, of course, organising a grand opening.

Once a store is open, Chicken Xpress keeps a member of its operations team on-site for five days to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

If there are any teething problems, they help sort those out. And even after that, head office staff are always available to provide advice and support. The company doesn’t want franchisees to feel alone.

Franchisee investment

The total investment needed to open a Chicken Xpress store of 80m2 is R970 000 to R1 075 000.

This includes a deposit of R75 000 to R85 000, unencumbered capital of R420 000, capital for initial stock of R40 000 and working capital of R85 000. A rental deposit is payable to a landlord.

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The monthly royalty fee is 5% of turnover and the monthly marketing fee is 1,5%. The recommended staff contingent is seven.

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