From Coffee To Cake – XPRESSO Café Is Charging R10 Across Its...

From Coffee To Cake – XPRESSO Café Is Charging R10 Across Its Menu



Vital Stats

XPRESSO Café is making a splash in Cape Town with its unique pricing of R10 for anything on the menu. From coffee to sandwiches to cakes, everything for only R10. Not only does this make XPRESSO Café one of the most competitive brands in South Africa, it’s helping out cash-strapped Capetonians too.

“We have been working on this idea for almost two years and tried to find the best items to sell at the best price,” says Nicolene Elhadad.

“We love coffee and we wanted to share this love. We want to bring a new coffee culture to South Africa, where everyone has the opportunity to experience a great cup of coffee and a mouth-watering pastry for only R10 each.”

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Nicolene explains why they chose the all-important R10 price point: “We chose R10 because any amount lower than R10 doesn’t enable our business to grow. R10 is also a nice, easy round number and sounds great to the ear. Normally, coffee goes for around R30 but, our customers are now stunned by how they can get 3 items for that same R30.”

Rapid Expansion


XPRESSO Café launched its inaugural store in Durbanville, Cape Town, on 1 October 2016. There are already plans to launch two more stores on 1 November in the Cape Town CBD and Cape Gate regions. Nicolene shares their brand expansion plan:

“We plan to open the first 3 branches and let the business grow until January 2017. Then we’ll have the numbers and figures to work with so we can move forward. We want to be everywhere in SA.”

Franchising Opportunities


“We want to empower our staff to become XPRESSO owners one day, and teach them to manage and build successful XPRESSO Café’s on their own. For my husband and I, being able to employ people, teach them skills and grow their knowledge has always been the most rewarding part of owning a business,” Nicolene says.

If you’re looking to join the XPRESSO family by owning your own branch, you can contact the Elhadads on

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