Harry Ramsden’s Coming To SA

Harry Ramsden’s Coming To SA


The name Harry Ramsden’s might not mean much to South African consumers, but it is a very well established brand in the UK. The brand was launched in 1928 by (you guessed it) Harry Ramsden, and currently boasts more than 40 stores scattered throughout the United Kingdom.

The first Harry Ramsden was a wooden hut next to a tram stop, offering fish and chips, tea and bread and butter. Within three years Harry had opened his first fish and chip ‘palace’ with grand oak panelling and crystal chandeliers, which is now part of the iconic style of Harry Ramsden’s restaurants across the UK.

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Menus now include pies, burgers and hot dogs, and desserts, in addition to its traditional battered fried fish and chips. For the health conscious market, it offers poached fish and salads.

Gold Brands has apparently entered into detailed negotiations with the British brand to define an area development agreement that will see Gold Brands rolling out the Harry Ramsden’s concept in this country.

“I am personally very excited to be expanding into a new market with a partner like Gold Brands. The experience, skills and financial resources inherent in the team means that we are really looking forward to working together to bring Harry’s to a whole new nation,” says Harry Ramsden’s CEO Joe Teixeira.

GG van Rooyen
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