McDonald’s Celebrates Its Employees With #sharemyjourney2015

McDonald’s Celebrates Its Employees With #sharemyjourney2015


Since it arrived on our shores more than 20 years ago, McDonald’s has trained and employed more than 10 000 South Africans at various levels.

According to the company it “believes in the highest quality employee training as it takes the best to be the best.” But it also believes in providing a supportive, fun and rewarding working environment. In fact, it has been awarded the Deloitte best company to work for, for 3 consecutive years.

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In order to celebrate its employees and show how they have made strides in bettering themselves, McDonalds has launched a campaign on its website called iStories #sharemyjourney2015.

The campaign shares info and videos of employees who have grown exponentially while working for the company. McDonald’s calls it ‘good news stories about real people’.

You can check out the campaign at

GG van Rooyen
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