McDonald’s Lets You Peek Behind The Curtain

McDonald’s Lets You Peek Behind The Curtain


McDonald’s offers fast food in the true sense of the word. The chain’s employees manage to prepare meals in record time, which has left many customers curious about the quality (and authenticity) of the products used.

In particular, it has been questioned whether the company uses real milk, eggs and even meat when preparing their famous meals.

Well, Entrepreneur was recently given an opportunity to have a look at one of the local McDonald’s kitchens, and we can indeed confirm that the products used are very real.

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The speed of production is down purely to the techniques that have been honed over decades.

Interestingly, this tour is available to anyone. According to company CEO Greg Solomon, any customer is free to ask for a tour of the McDonald’s kitchen.

The company has also been rolling out a ‘Know Our Food’ campaign on a website, and a series of YouTube videos presented by McDonald’s employees.

Overall, the campaign has been an interesting case study in how a large company can connect with its huge customer base. The website and the videos are definitely worth checking out.

GG van Rooyen
GG van Rooyen is the deputy editor for Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa. Follow him on Twitter.