3 Franchisees Advise You On Franchise Challenges And Opportunities in SA

3 Franchisees Advise You On Franchise Challenges And Opportunities in SA




Claude van Rhyn – ACDC Express

“I chose this brand because I liked the retail-feel. The business has a mix of electrical contractors, developers, DIY walk-ins, and some mining and food manufacturers who purchase directly from them. Retail accounts for approximately 25% of our business, however it makes up 50% of our turnover, so customer experience is very important. Retail in this industry can be especially challenging because it’s very technical and you’ve got to ensure a customer has a good experience and gets the right advice, and especially when their technical knowledge is the reason behind a product failing.”

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Tim Apostolides – Maxi’s

“You might think that working in the same restaurant every day can be boring, but the truth is, every day is different. A group of 30 people might walk through your door, or a company could order 40 hamburgers. You’ll be amazed by the interesting scenarios that crop up. No two days are ever the same.”

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Caryn Neethling – Minuteman Press

“You need to manage clients’ expectations. Sometimes something goes wrong and you simply can’t meet the deadline. The important thing, though, is to communicate with the client. You need to let them know that something has happened. Simply sticking your head in the sand is not a good strategy.”

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GG van Rooyen
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