9 Top Customer Service Turnoffs That Are Chasing Away Your Sales

9 Top Customer Service Turnoffs That Are Chasing Away Your Sales


Here are the top nine ways to disappoint your customers:

1Rude driver

The driver is the image of the store. If he doesn’t greet clients or he’s rude to them, their lasting impression of the company will be a terrible, scruffy driver. Your driver represents you. If his shirt is in tatters, so is your image.

2Dirty vehicles

It’s driving all around town advertising your pizza company. Unfortunately, what it’s saying is, ‘Look what a dusty hellhole this place is!’

3Reckless driving

Seeing a driver speeding, or on the wrong side of the road will also hurt the public’s image of you. If you drive recklessly, how careful can you be about cooking pizza?

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4Not specifying what pizza you’re delivering

If you just dump any old pizza on your customer’s lounge table, what you’re saying is, ‘Ag, they’re all the same.’

5Time management

Pizza delivery is all about efficiency and punctuality.

6Wrong orders

We all know how wrong orders ruin a home delivery experience. Even if you’ve just forgotten someone’s Coke, it’s disappointing and makes you look sloppy. Build a system so you take and deliver the orders correctly.

7Poor communication

Communication between kitchen and the drivers is crucial if you’re going to get those large margaritas out on time.

Communication with customers is also vital. Repeat their order to them, clarify their address and tell them when to expect delivery.

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8Poor database handling

If someone’s ordered from you before, they don’t want to have to repeat their address to you every time they order. Build a database and use it.

9Pizzas not handled carefully

Carry those boxes like they’re the crown jewels. This shows you respect your cooking, your customers and the business you’re in.