7 Essential And Expert Advice On Excelling As A Franchisee

7 Essential And Expert Advice On Excelling As A Franchisee


Sharon Tattersall – Supa Quick

“I would recommend spending as much time as possible at an existing franchise. If you can spend a whole month there, do it.”

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Tim Apostolides – Maxi’s

“There is an awful lot of competition in the restaurant space. In my opinion, setting up an independent operation isn’t even an option. Customers like the predictability and consistency of a franchise. So, if you want to open a restaurant, it needs to be a franchise.”

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Sharon van Rhyn – ACDC Express

“Do your research, be 100% happy with your location, and go for it. If you don’t have management experience it’s going to be a challenge, so upskill yourself in that department. And if you lack technical knowledge, hire for it immediately because it makes a big difference to customer experience and building a loyal base.”

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Carlo da Camara – Chicken Xpress

“You don’t necessarily need previous experience in fast food, but it helps. For instance, experience has taught me to rather buy too much stock than too little. Even if you’re certain that you’re in for a quiet week, a sudden rush can occur, and then you’re in trouble. That said, I honestly believe that anyone who is willing to work hard and follow the guidelines of the franchise will make a success of it.”

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Charlene Chiang – Body20

“Honestly, the first days were very scary, but also very exciting. It was a whirlwind of activity — going through the franchisee training, finding premises, wrestling with landlords for lease applications, getting to know the devices — all while planning our wedding as well! To put this in perspective: From making the decision to opening our studio took a mere three months.”

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Sharon Tattersall – Supa Quick

“I think a lot of new business owners underestimate the amount of operating capital they’ll need. This is especially true in a business such as this. You need to have cash available for an emergency, and you need to carry a sizeable amount of stock.”


Tim Apostolides – Maxi’s

“You need the right personality to own and operate a restaurant. You need to be front-of-house. You can’t hide away in the office all day. You need to enjoy speaking to people. If you like interacting with people, there is no greater business to run than a restaurant. You’re dealing with so many personalities, which can be challenging but also very fulfilling.”

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