Jump Into The 21 Jump Street Brand

Jump Into The 21 Jump Street Brand



Vital Stats

  • Company: 21 Jump Street
  • Players: Justin and Linda Williams
  • Established: 2015
  • Visit: 21jumpstreet.co.za

How did the brand come about?

Justin: We actually have another company called Play Outdoor, through which we import and distribute large play sets. As we were travelling overseas and looking for products to import, we came across great trampoline equipment.

Knowing that trampoline parks were growing in popularity both locally and internationally, we took the opportunity to start importing this equipment and set up a park.

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How would you describe 21 Jump Street?

Linda: 21 Jump Street is a trampoline park with a difference. While coming up with the concept, we realised that a lot of parks were located in semi-industrial areas where large amounts of space were available. This meant that they were largely destination operations. People could go there and jump, but not do much else.

We wanted to create a trampoline park that was part of a larger experience. So we decided to create 21 Jump Street at the Mall of the South. By being located at a mall, people could combine a visit to the trampoline park with other activities, and parents could drop off their kids while they went shopping.

What has the reception been like?


Justin: It has been absolutely fantastic — it has far exceeded our expectations. We’ve been operating for about a year now, and the park is incredibly busy, especially on weekends.

People love the fact that we have created a safe environment where kids can enjoy themselves while their parents are off shopping.

We have trained staff on hand to keep an eye on them, and access is tightly controlled, so there’s no chance of kids sauntering off.

How did the decision come about to franchise the business?

Linda: Thanks to the success of the Mall of the South trampoline park, we realised that this was a business that could be rolled out across the country. Malls from all over South Africa started calling us, wanting to find out if we would be interested in setting up a 21 Jump Street.

We’ve already secured two locations — one in Balito and one in Table Bay Mall. These will both open in 2017, and will be sold to franchisees. Apart from these we will start looking at other areas that could potentially work. 

What sort of locations are you looking for?

Justin: We’ve identified a few locations, like the ones in Balito and Table Bay Mall, but we’re also open to locations suggested by prospective franchisees. For the most part, we’re looking for busy shopping locations with a fairly high LSM.

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What sort of space is needed to set up a 21 Jump Street?


Linda: You need a fairly large space, though the exact size is up to the franchisee. I wouldn’t go for a space that’s less than 500m2, though you probably want one closer to 1 000m2. You also need to keep the height of the space in mind. It needs to be 5,5m2 at a minimum, and seven metres is ideal.

In terms of operation, what does the set-up need to look like?

Justin: Well, there are the trampolines, and the number will depend on the size of the operation. Then you would also need restrooms and a snack shop, since kids need to be able to buy a snack or go to the bathroom without having to leave the park.

You’d also need to have around 20 employees on a shift basis. We highly recommend a party room where kids’ parties can be hosted in private. This is very popular with customers and is booked months in advance.

What sort of franchisees are you looking for?

Linda: We’re looking for fun and energetic franchisees who enjoy working with people. We don’t have any specific background in mind, though it’s always helpful to have some business experience.

Franchisees also need to be willing to work hard, especially during the first few months. Hours can be long and people need to be prepared for that.

What support will you provide franchisees?


Justin: We’re willing to help with whatever’s needed. We can help with site selection, design and installation. We’ll also offer thorough training before and after opening. We really aim to support franchisees and help them find their feet. We’re also busy with a heavy marketing push that’s aimed at raising brand awareness.

Thanks to Play Outdoor and the fact that we import equipment ourselves, we can ensure that quality is up to scratch. We can also keep an eye on international trends and ensure that the brand is always at the forefront of innovation. We aim to help franchisees keep their businesses innovative and trendy at all times. We’ll make sure that 21 Jump Street evolves as necessary.

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Company 21 Jump Street
Nature of franchise Entertainment
Established 2015


Total investment R2,5 – 4,5 million
Deposit R100 000
Royalty 7%

Hot spots


Contact details

Contact person Justin Williams
Email Justin@21jumpstreet.co.za
Visit www.21jumpstreet.co.za
Call +27 (0)83 677 2844
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