(Watch) No Need To Learn From Scratch

(Watch) No Need To Learn From Scratch


Nedbank Franchising – Dalene Rowe, Emerging Payments

There is one thing every business owner in every industry can be sure of, and that is making decisions. Starting and running a franchise can be daunting and franchisees are faced with a myriad of decisions at every turn.

Every business has unique qualities based on its specific location, customer demographics and so forth, which means no two franchisees will experience the same business scenario.

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It is possible, however, to have a business partner with a network across many industries. At Nedbank we are in the very fortunate position to work with franchisees and franchisors across a variety of industries, which enables us to learn from many business owners and to share our knowledge with all members of the franchise community.

Having an experienced team of specialists is often the key to a franchised business obtaining maximum return on investment as early as possible.

As the Nedbank Emerging Payments and Franchise team we embark on a journey with our clients to co-create solutions that ensure new and existing franchisees are equipped to flourish as quickly and as sustainably as possible.

Understanding customers is critical for any business and we have created a big data analytics solution that gives our franchisees access to data that only a bank has.

We can assure you that the solutions we build give clients what they need to not only grow, but to thrive.

Want to know more about Emerging Payments? Dalene Rowe, currently heading up the Business Commercialisation for the Emerging Payments team at Nedbank Franchising, covers more in this video.


Dalene Deale-Rowe
Dalene currently heads up Business Commercialisation for the Emerging Payments team. During her 13 years at Nedbank she has been a business analyst, a senior process engineer and a national corporate manager for Card Acquiring. Dalene is known for her boundless passion for clients, focus on service and innovation and strong belief in learning as much as she can from every experience. Gaining and sharing knowledge is absolutely core to everything she does for Nedbank and in life in general.