Top Ten Crowd Funding Websites

Top Ten Crowd Funding Websites


For many entrepreneurs finding funding is one of the most challenging parts of the start-up journey.

As an entrepreneur you could pitch several investors and banks without any luck but fortunately there are other options. Along with bootstrapping as a source of funding, crowd funding is growing in popularity and has provided more and more businessmen and women with the funds that they need to turn their ideas into businesses.

Crowd Funding websites allows you to combine the power of social networking with project fundraising. The benefit of crowd funding is that it doesn’t require pledging collateral, offering guarantees or giving up equity. The funds are donations from friends and strangers who believe in your idea and want to assist you. This funding model is an option for businesses that can launch on a shoestring.


Kickstarter is a well known crowd funding website that allows you to fund and follow creative ideas. Browse ideas by category or area and make a donation to help the entrepreneurs reach their goals. You will also be able to browse through projects managed by some of the world’s top creative communities.


The ProFounder website is a 3-in-1 solution for raising funds for your business idea or even to grow your current business. Their detailed checklists ensures that you are prepared to pitch your idea to the community. Once you are a part of the community you can start raising the required funds for your idea. A great benefit is that once you are a part of the ProFounder community, you can also use it to network.


indiegogo aims to fund entrepreneurs with a passion and a potentially profitable idea. Browse through their various categories and areas to find an idea you would like to back and see come to life. Anyone can create their campaign for free as there is no application process.

Startup Addict

Startup Addict is an online community and resource for entrepreneurs. This website is making it easier than ever to gather a crowd and convince them why they should help you turn your idea into the next big thing. Startup Addict is looking for all types of ideas and once you have reached your target by a certain date, the money you have raised is all yours.


Register with RocketHub to help an entrepreneur live their dream or find the funding that will get your start-up up and running. This interactive website will ensure that your big idea or project is heard about to enable you to reach your target funds. This funding community has been mentioned by top names such as CNN, The New York Times and The Economist.


Do you have an idea for open-source software or are you already in the process of developing it? COFundOS is the ideal place to share your idea, ask for input and feedback and also get potential partners and funders involved. Registration is simple and you can get started right away. As a user you will also be able to give input and get involved with other developers.

New Jelly

It’s easy to dream big but a bit harder to get the funding required to make it happen. The New Jelly website lets you register a project on their website, share it with others and raise the required funds. The website is also an ideal place to build up clients and business relationships for the future.

Start Some Good

Start Some Good is dedicated to social entrepreneurship. Whether you have a venture that you need funding for or if you are simply looking to do some good by getting involved with one of the many ideas on the website, you simply need to register. Everyone can impact the world by supporting social entrepreneurship or inspiring others with their idea.


You too can make your big idea a reality with the help of your peers. Register your project on the peerbackers website and watch your start-up funds grow. You can also register in order to browse through the ideas and fund the projects with the most appeal. Keep track of your projects and watch ideas come to life.


ChipIn is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your start-up. It’s as simple as registering your idea online and informing people about it. You will need a PayPal account in order to register so that funds can be transferred to you at the end of your fundraising period.

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