Government Funding & Grants

Government Funding & Grants

Government grants and loan programmes have been set up by the government to extend funding to previously disadvantaged South African to foster black economic development.

There is a good deal of Government sponsored non-repayable Grants and Assistance Programs for manufacturing and tourist related businesses as well as innovative R&D product development projects available in South Africa.

A grant is an award of financial assistance in the form of money. The government is one of the best sources for grants. Grants have strict guidelines for applying and using the funds. Grant funding agencies use grants as a way to accomplish a specific goal that the organisation wants to achieve. If your start-up fits into the right criteria, you may be able to apply for funding through a grant.

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The difference between a loan and a grant is that grants do not have to be repaid, but they do require a considerable amount of paperwork. The grantee is required to account for spending the money in the manner specified by the grantor. Grants funds fit broadly into two different categories – money that is sponsored by the government and money that is sponsored by corporate financial organisations.

Most of these funds have their own specific requirements, and only those businesses that fill specified requirements, get to access to these funds. Funding agencies often look for worthwhile projects such as those that might create jobs in rural areas or those that provide training to specialised groups.

Small businesses can contact banks and other financial institutions for small business bank loans. A business loan must be paid back and strict criteria must be met to qualify. There are a number of private funders that may be able to help.

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Oct 31, 2009
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  • oupa

    where do i get that director


    I would like to know more about government grants

    • Timothy

      me two and we can actually get access to these grants in a reasonable amount of time, as i have read that it generally takes too long to get access. this can actually effect the business as the opportunity may be taken by someone else why you are trying to secure funding

  • thapelo setungwane

    i just register my business so i need funds to start,how can i get help?

    • andile

      I have just received accreditation for my training company. I am now struggling to make it known. Is there a way that the government assist in this regard?

      • Sello Kutumela

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  • Ashwell Daniels

    I also started my business provide work for 3 persons. Although we have a lack of transport we do not have a shortage of work, we are same times not available to go because of the transport and we wish we can solve this problem.

    • Joe Ogbechie

      What kind of business do you do?

      • Ashwell Daniels

        We do electric & Cooling

  • Maxene

    What are the requirements to apply for a goverment grant

  • adam

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  • blaze

    im seeking business finance for start up please help. I have a business plan

  • Machele John Mosikatsana

    There are numerous overseas grant funds that assist in the social upliftment of people in developing countries Africa and South Africa. – See more at:

  • Terry

    There is such a large amount of development shortage in SA, in various sectors of the skills avenue. In the arts sector alone small business’ that can provide a service cannot access grants from government or corporate. Its basically big business with all the relevant supporting documents that can access grant easily. Its sad that a small service provider needs 5000 supporting documents to access a small grant to provide a service that which is necessary in the community. Its sad that we’re not even given a chance.

  • Neilyster

    i register my business so i need funds to start,how can i get help

  • Machele John Mosikatsana

    The easiest way to find information on free business grants
    is to go to:,
    where you can search and apply for a
    myriad of government grants available.

  • Nomathembha Zwelibanzi

    i just registered my transport business so i need funds to start,how and where can i get help?

  • thabiso

    I have register my business,so can u help with funding

  • lorraine

    hi, I have registered my company now I need about R10 million to start, so who can you refer me to for grand application and I also some invertors are welcome. I am willing to do the presentation for can you please help?

  • lorraine

    hi, I have registered my company now I need about R10 million to start, so who can you refer me to for grand application and I also some invertors are welcome. I am willing to do the presentation for can you please help?

  • Mvuseni Mbatha

    I have registered my company. And completed necessary research about a business I wanted to start. From 2012 up to now still need funding/capital. How can I get help?

  • David Melk

    I have a piece of land and I want to develop it into a holiday resort. How do I get funding?