4 Distractions That Are Literally Killing Your Business

4 Distractions That Are Literally Killing Your Business


I’m sure you’ve done it before; someone asks you how you are and you reply by telling them how busy you are. My frustration with this statement is that if everyone is busy then no one is more or less busy. Everyone has things going on, it’s the nature of the world. We’re all doing things and working towards a goal, big or small.Two-people-balancing-a-pencil_boredom

One of the major stumbling blocks for a lot of SMEs being constantly distracted by things that make you feel busy but ultimately don’t move the needle in your company.

Here are a few common distractions and some thoughts about how to prevent them getting the best of you.

Nicholas Haralambous
Founder of the luxury sock company, Nicharry.com , CEO and co-founder of Motribe before the company was successfully acquired by Mxit in August 2012. Listen to Nic’s new podcast, The Honest Entrepreneurs Club, by going to anchor.fm/nicharry or download it on iTunes or Google Play.