Make Your Money Work For You, Not Your Bank

Make Your Money Work For You, Not Your Bank



Rodger Dunn, Head Transactional Banking at Sasfin Banking, showcases the Business Account and benefits.

Sasfin Transactional Banking focuses on providing online banking capabilities targeted at SMEs and high net-worth clients. The business account primarily targets established entrepreneurs and SMEs looking to grow their business and manage their cash flow.

“The payoff line Make your money work for you. Not your bank, epitomises what the Business account seeks to achieve for our clients”, says Dunn.

The business account is interest bearing and business clients can start earning annual interest of up to five percent on positive credit balances.

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“If this sounds like we are offering you an investment account, that’s because the business account offers you the best of both worlds – you can transact online and at the same time grow your money through maintaining positive credit balances. Why move money around if it can generate interest in your cheque account?” he says.

Growing a business is challenging especially during unfavourable economic times. Every cent in the bank counts and it has the potential to generate more growth for your business. Immediate payments cost a small fortune however they do not seem immediate. Some take hours or days to reflect and so there is really no convenience.

“Our Business account offers immediate clearing payments functionality, allowing entrepreneurs to pay their debtors on the last day that payment is due”, says Dunn. Immediate payments can be made in under 60 seconds to banks that have the same functionality.

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“At Sasfin we understand that our clients’ needs are unique and that is why we offer tailored services. Our clients are never just a number. We truly partner with our clients for growth,” he says.

For more information on the Sasfin Transactional Business Account visit or call us today on 080 23 23 23 6 and speak to our relationship consultants.



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