10 Lessons from the Olympics

10 Lessons from the Olympics


The greatest global communication event of 2012 has been a phenomenal success! London Olympics 2012 drew the most talented communication and sports professionals from around the world and created a global communication masterpiece that wowed the world and made a lasting communication impression.

Here are some triumphant communication lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from this sporting extravaganza to improve their professional performances and take their communication potential to the next level:

1. Everyone who took part in The 2012 Olympics had a vision and specific goals. There were individual as well as collective visions, and collectively the top world athletes pushed themselves harder than ever before to break human potential records and achieve more than ever before. Try the same for yourself for the rest of 2012.

2. Athletes, performers and logistic professionals practised and rehearsed for hours, weeks and indeed lifetimes to perform the spectacular feats where they could showcase their talents and make the most of their human potential. Practice makes skill permanent, and sometimes, near perfect.

3. First and last impressions count. The breathtaking opening and closing ceremonies defined the 2012 Olympic Games and they will be remembered long after all the individual races have been long forgotten. Great communicators, entrepreneurs and presenters realise how important it is to make a dynamic impact with their introductions and conclusions, where they skilfully create those vital first and last impressions.

4. Put your best performers forward. Countries chose their most talented and successful athletes to represent them at this famous international contest. Companies should do the same. Your people have strengths in different areas, and communication tasks should be allocated accordingly.

5. Confidence wins the game! Top athletes believe in themselves and set high goals to create dreams worth achieving. Limiting beliefs destroy self-confidence and your performance potential during your once off opportunity to shine. Work through your haunting fears with a skilled counsellor and free yourself to achieve anything you set your mind to.

6. It took teams to support the individual athletes and larger teams of athletes working together to win the coveted gold medals. No game was won alone. The Olympics demonstrated much incredible team work. You, your colleagues and business partners all need to work together to make the most of every business opportunity. Remember, T.E.A.M. is the acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More …

7. Teams need supporters. Make sure that your business wins the right client support to grow, win and succeed. A motivated staff who is supported and nurtured is also far more capable of achieving more.

8. Choose your key players carefully. Any team is only as strong as its “weakest link”. Learn about your team’s different personality types and their associated strengths and weaknesses. Intelligent entrepreneurs maximize team talents and strengths and develop their weak areas through training and skills development.

9. Discipline and consistency wins the day. You can’t perform excellently on some days and be lacklustre on others. A world class athlete or entrepreneur needs to deliver a sterling performance every time they perform in their competitive environment. You are really only as good as your last performance.

10. Coaching. Successful athletes and teams have many years of training to help them get to the top of their sport. No athlete would dream of stopping being coached. In fact, the better an athlete becomes, the more coaching they go for. Talent only takes you about a third of the way. Business professionals are actually just like sports professionals. No matter how much business experience you may have, you still need on-going coaching to help you to lift your game and fulfil your true professional potential.

Every entrepreneur has the potential to shine and win in the business world. Training will help you to discover and leverage your unique strengths and build up your personal areas of development. An empowered entrepreneur has the knowledge and ability to communicate at peak level, make an impact and achieve their personal and company goals. Why wait another four years to succeed when you can become an Olympic entrepreneurial champion now?

John French
John French is a highly respected communication strategist and high level communication skills trainer. He has been an industry expert for the last 16 years and is the founder of Corporate Intelligence Training: www.corporateintelligence.co.za