3 Ways You Can Use Mobile Apps To Improve Your Customer Experience

3 Ways You Can Use Mobile Apps To Improve Your Customer Experience



Between each line of the long list of start-ups that have survived the test of time, there is an even longer list of those that have never made enough of an impact to be more than a distant memory in the minds of those who put in the work in growing them only to be disappointed by the infidelity of the market.

Those who survived this grand battle against failure improved their odds considerably by delivering a worthwhile customer experience. This is especially true for services that run on a digital medium in which software has very little to judge itself with outside of the experience that its users encounter.

Taking a look at the most enormous “dream come true” types of businesses, you’ll notice that their software has an exceptional amount of user-friendliness, leading to the conclusion that this aspect should top every start-up’s list of priorities during the development phase.

Even if you’re not developing a piece of software, adopting technologies that get your employees moving quickly helps Smoothen out the process of enhancing your own customer experience and creates a more productive environment with a visible positive impact on revenue.

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There are many products one could use to enhance customer experience at all levels of interaction, but these three have taken it to the extreme, becoming some of the most exemplary startups in New Zealand.

BigPipe, The Broadband Provider That Takes It a Step Further


In an island like New Zealand broadband can be a bit of a sensitive issue, but the country has pulled it off magnificently, achieving a world ranking of 42nd and an average downstream speed of roughly 27 megabits per second.

The fiber market is slowly saturating, but BigPipe hasn’t forgotten about its ADSL subscribers, who often encounter issues due to the old copper infrastructure.

The internet service provider has chosen to address this issue by giving its ADSL customers the ability to diagnose problems on their lines whenever they happen without having to contact the company and wait for a technician.

To add even more to the user experience, BigPipe allows its customers to select how they would like their broadband optimised, so that they may enjoy the smoothest packet transfer quality on particular aspects of their daily internet usage such as streaming, downloading, communicating, and gaming.

Workflowmax Caters Its Platform to The Needs of Unique Industries


Companies that create sales and workflow management software often design it in such a way that it would fit with their own business models.

While most retailers and service providers can use this software to its fullest extent, businesses operating in industries such as construction can’t necessarily work with such a platform since they have to manage workers on the field and in-house separately.

Their unique needs won’t be met with the cookie-cutter system that most workflow management developers have in mind. Workflowmax capitalised on this and developed a platform that provides a “malleable” user experience that could be adapted to fit the particular needs of highly-specialised operators.

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STQRY Tells The Story For You


Museums very often have trouble competing with the internet in capturing the attention of its visitors. It should come as no surprise, then, that attendance in arts museums in the United States have declined sharply from 2002 to 2012. While there’s no lack of interesting things to showcase their visitors, the struggle here really lies in the style of engagement.

Most small museums do not have the beaucoup budgets they need to implement new interactive display technologies on all of their exhibits, which leads to difficulty attracting the attention of new visitors as they are forced to compete in any way they can with bleeping smartphones and tablets.

STQRY has heard their cries and created a platform that comes in the form of an app, allowing tourists to take a comprehensive interactive tour of every exposition using the device in the palms of their hands. In this instance, the user experience has been magnified significantly for both curators and visitors.

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Whether you’re developing a platform or planning on integrating one into your infrastructure, your mind should be set first and foremost on what user experience it provides for both in-house operations and customer interactions.

These three examples have ultimately drawn inspirations from problems that the user — whether it is a customer, an employee, or a manager — faces and how those problems could be minimised or eliminated. If history teaches us anything, it’s that this is a winning mentality.

Harald Merckel
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