4 Easy Steps To Clean Up Your Act

4 Easy Steps To Clean Up Your Act


Take a few simple steps toward a more sustainable office, and you’ll see payback in many shades of green – from money saved to increased employee morale and retention.

1. Cool it. Ask your landlord to consider adding an economiser, which conditions the air inside the office by bringing in outside air – not by using refrigerant – when it’s cooler outside than in.

2. Screen savers. Computers and monitors are energy hogs, which means they drain cash, too. Turning computers off after work and enabling power management and sleep-mode features can slash both energy use and the cost associated with these power-thirsty machines.

3. Cut paper. Do without paper where possible. Distribute memos via e-mail and review documents on your computer screen. Print on both sides of recycled paper. And make it easy to recycle again by putting well-marked bins at every desk and in common areas.

4. Shed light. Consider the fact that sunshine is free. Fit daylight sensors or mechanical blinds that automatically adjust according to natural light. To reduce the use of overhead lights, furnish workspaces with high-quality task lighting. And trade up: Replace light bulbs with more efficient low energy lamps.

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