A Tribute to a True Entrepreneur

A Tribute to a True Entrepreneur


In June 2007, Steve Jobs changed the technology world and the way people interact with the Internet when he introduced the iPhone. Apple sold millions of iPhones within weeks, and other companies began introducing smartphones of their own as time progressed, however, the iPhone remains the single most popular smartphone on the market.

In May 2010, Jobs once more shook the technology world when he debuted the iPad. Again, Apple sold millions within weeks and like the iPhone, the iPad was unlike anything that preceded it.

Competitors are out there, but they have thus far failed to meet the same success as the iPad.

But Job’s vision was more than these two ground-breaking technologies. Look into it further, and what Jobs created was an industry not yet fully explored.

There have been many rivals to the iPad and iPhone, but none have yet managed to meet the same sales figure, nor the cult following that Apple products have.

Creating a loved brand

With the invention of the iPod, and later iTunes, Jobs instilled us with a real-time taste of what e-commerce is. We were buying music online before we even realised that we were partaking in online commerce. Why? Because we weren’t receiving a physical product. There was never a knock at the door and a slip to sign. But it is, essentially, the same thing.

The iPhone changed the ball game all together, reducing the need to have a home based computer to make these transactions. Instead, music was accessible right from your handset.

It’s safe to say then, that if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs, mobile commerce likely would not be entering the mainstream today. It was his vision of a mobile future that led to massive adoption of mobile technology, the tools that enable consumers to connect with retailers anywhere, anytime. The popularity of his iPhone and iPad has spurred merchants to create m-commerce sites and smartphone and tablet apps that offer rich and easy shopping while on the go.

Apple is arguably the most innovative company today—period. And it owes it all to the leadership, imagination and entrepreneurial dedication of Steve Jobs. Thanks Steve.

Shane Oosthuizen
Shane Oosthuizen is currently the chief copywriter at one of SA's leading digital agencies. Having spent a number of years in the creative arena, he has forged a reputable authority in the South African social and online marketing community.