How To Gauge If Development Will Boost Your Business

How To Gauge If Development Will Boost Your Business


Almost every business strives to have a mobile application in order to attract a huge number of customers irrespective of what type of industrial sector they belong to. All the mobile app stores are filled with new mobile applications at irregular intervals of time but what matters is whether a mobile application is a success or not.

Mobile app developers and business owners have always strived to ensure or ensured that their mobile applications provide customers with a convenient and an utterly satisfying experience.

The number of downloads is surely the first KPI that the company would examine but here is a set of ten KPIs that every company need to follow while examining the success of their mobile application.

1. User experience

User experience is certainly one of the most important key performance indicators as it provides customers with a highly convenient experience. This can ensure their loyalty which is adamantly connected with the app’s user experience. App needs to be free of errors so that customers do not get distracted.

Moreover, they also need to analyse ratings and reviews to cater to the customers’ needs in a better way.

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2. Regular end users

Once end users have downloaded an application, it becomes important for mobile app developers to focus on determining how many people use it on a regular basis as regular customers define or shape up the success of a mobile application.

If any business is able to cater to their needs properly then it would surely turn out to be a success. Therefore, it is important to keep track of how regular customers’ buying patterns change.

3. Calculate the length of one session

It is really important for mobile app developers to focus on session time by calculating the length of one session as it serves as a major performance indicator. Therefore, what needs to be considered is correlation with the visit’s depth and the number of regular end users in a given period of time. It certainly defines the success of your mobile application, especially if you have a gaming mobile application.


4. Calculate social shares

In-app purchases should not be the only key performance indicator if your mobile application is more inclined towards its content. Therefore, it is important to calculate and analyse social shares.

Most mobile end users connect a mobile application they download with their account on some or the other social media website. This metric shows your interest in the delivered content and is the most useful indicator to promote your business through the use of word of mouth.

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5. Revenue per end user

The immense potential of an end user who visits your mobile application on a regular basis is calculated by an indicator which is ignored generally by business owners and analysts. However, calculating revenue per end user is as important as calculating the number of downloads as it enables you to determine the net value of an end user to your business in terms of app purchases and sending a mobile application across other different digital platforms.

6. Analyse frequency

For analysing repetitive frequency, you are supposed to calculate the number of times users go through your mobile application and interact.

Making users open your mobile application once is not a big deal but the frequency of usage matters. So, it is quite necessary to analyse frequency and most importantly, analyse it in the first few weeks after having installed the mobile application.

7. Acquisition Cost

It is important to understand the customer acquisition cost to understand the existing end users using your mobile application.

One can always opt for search engine advertising, in-app referrals, social networks, and natural search engines available at different costs. This performance indicator tells you the most effective platform for your business to reach out to target audience.

Nasrullah Patel is a co-founder at one of the best mobile app development companies, Peerbits. He devotes his time in inspiring young leaders to take the leap of faith. With the experience of 10 years in Web and App development, he now gives full attention to the enterprise by offering mobility solutions about the strategic planning and execution.