How To Turn Your Company Into An Industry Disruptor

How To Turn Your Company Into An Industry Disruptor


There has probably never been a more exciting time to own a small business than right now. One only has to look at the ways in which small companies are leveraging technology as a means to compete head-to-head with large, well-established enterprises to realise that in today’s world, size really doesn’t count anymore.

Of course, the wonderful opportunities presented by technology’s evolution are counterbalanced by the fact that, well, it’s technology.

Terms like ‘cloud computing’, ‘mobility’, ‘big data’ and ‘the Internet of Things’ (IoT) may be familiar in some sense, but as an entrepreneur, their true value to your business may escape you. And yet, these are the keys to a whole new way of doing business.

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Embrace the ‘Idea Economy’

All of the terms mentioned above, along with social media, form the basis of what is referred to as the ‘Idea Economy’. In this new world, the judicious use of IT will enable even a small business to create new opportunities and launch industry-defining products.

You only need to look to the success of Uber, the poster child for creating new opportunities, as an example.

Read more on the Uber Story here.

Wouldn’t you just love to create an entirely new business model that so thoroughly disrupts the industry norm? Of course you would. This is the crux of the Idea Economy: The ability to turn an idea into a new product or service easily, by making effective use of these new technologies, which are perfectly geared towards disrupting the status quo.

The good news is that as complicated and ‘big business’ as cloud computing, mobility, big data analytics and the IoT may sound, they are, in fact, tools that are easily accessible and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

Select your technology infrastructure carefully

Remember that while Uber started off as the completely out-of-left-field vision of its creator, its success is ultimately built on the technology platform it runs on. If you want your own ideas to succeed, you will have to have not only the same kind of innovative vision, but real technological agility.

You will need to be nimble if you are going to quickly turn ideas into reality, and your technology platform will need to be the same.

Investing in Composable Architecture will give you the foundation from which to easily launch your industry-disrupting idea. You have ideas that are unlike anything anyone else has come up with, so you should invest in an IT infrastructure that can be composed and recomposed to meet these shifting demands.

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Choose the right partner

But, I hear you ask, how can I ever leverage all these new-fangled technologies to turn my business into a success?

The answer to that is quite simple: You don’t have to do it alone. There is no reason you should have to do this all by yourself – even Batman has Robin, so find yourself a partner that is well versed in the ways of technology and work with them.

The right partner will be an enterprise that has knowledge and experience in the realms of hardware, software and services. Allying yourself with a large technology partner will lend muscle to your smaller company’s agility. And it will give you the opportunity to access the specialist IT skills of an organisation that can then assist you in developing an effective roadmap to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be in the future.

In the end, your flexibility and agility are already two of your biggest weapons in standing toe-to-toe with the current market-leading enterprises. By embracing the Idea Economy, implementing the right technology infrastructure and finding a skilled partner, you will quickly find that in a world where industry disruption is fast becoming the norm, you will the disruptor, rather than one of the disrupted.